Transeuropa Caravans Trailer

24.03.2015 Eeva

We Need Hybrid Spaces to Build Alternatives

21.11.2014 Olga

Beppe Caccia: We need to build hybrid spaces within which to reverse the unequal balance in social powers. 2015 presents us with two opportunities to put exactly this into practice.


A Tale of Two Europes

19.11.2014 Olga

Daphne Buellesbach's introduction to the #FixEurope Conference: Strategies for Political and Social Renewal Oct 25, Berlin


The 2014 Transeuropa Caravans

Transeuropa Caravans reach out to Europeans where they are, at their sites of struggle, at their places of initiative. Ahead of the European Parliament elections 2014, we connect local alternative voices across the continent.

From 25th of April to May 4th - with the exception of the Southern Caravan which leaves from May 2nd to May 10th - Transeuropa Caravans will leave six cities and travel towards another city, passing through more than 30 spots identified in the research and mapping phase. The transnational caravans’ teams is made up of a coordinator, a communication and a logistics officers, a video-maker and a cartoonist. We will engage with people involved on the ground in political struggles or initiatives for democracy, solidarity and equality, on topics ranging from the defence of minorities’ rights to the environment, the fight for common goods or the resistance to the power of financial markets... 


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