April 30, 2014, 12:10 p.m.

Identity of inbetween in utopian Slubfort

We met with Michael Kurzwelly in a pl. Mostowy/Brucke Platz, which is the main square of Slubfort, the capital city of Nowa Amerika. Nowa Amerika is a brand new state on the German-Polish territory. The idea was born in 1999, the first rising moment of the city located half in Poland half in Germany. The artist Michael explained that the state is the case of citizens beliefs, it exists as long as people deem it.

The Nowa Amerikans are mainly students and Slubfort citizens. Their actions are focused on finding new identity and fighting national prejudices. It's an artistic, voluntary project aimed to create cross border cooperation. The general idea is to build inner peculiar character. "We named anew the street, for example Nicolas Copernicus strasse on the polish side and ulica Mikołaja Kopernika on the German side. We also built a small wall in the main square. It's about 50 cm height, so inhabitants of Slubfurt can sit on it, have a chat or just enjoy the time. We plan to sell the small pieces of it in order to run future activities as traditional slubfortish sportive competitions: long distance throw with a package of cigarettes".


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