April 30, 2014, 3:42 p.m.

Freedom Not Frontex, March to Brussels

We would like to share a call for support sent out by a network of refugees and migrants throughout Europe, planning a March from Strasbourg to Brussels. Check freedomnotfrontex.noblogs.org/ for further informations.

  Interconnected Refugee & Migrant Movements -
  Protest March against Fortress Europe
  From Strasbourg to Brussels, May and June 2014

The European council and the European ministers of foreign affairs make
racist and prohibitive policies against refugees and migrants on a very
high level. In reaction to the recent admitted mass drowning in the
Mediterranean, they only concluded to arm the forces that control and
aggressively prevent people’s movement, such as frontex. They will hold
their next summit at the 26th and 27th of June in Brussels.

Different groups of refugee and Migrant movements in Europe plan a protest march
from Strasbourg to Brussels. This will begin shortly before the European
parliament elections at the end of May. The marching refugee and supporting
activists will walk about 450 km within one month. In an action week before
the council’s summit, we will raise our protest against the policies of
fortress Europe!

A group of people active in and supportive of the Refugee Movement
from Oranienplatz have started to mobilize for the march and prepare the
action. We would be happy about many different kinds of support:

  • share contacts with us:
  • to (international) refugee movements, help to make huge network possible
  • to people living in lager in Germany, for info events
  • to people/groups who could helporganize sleeping places along the route
  • we also need more contacts to trustworthy journalists and your support in raising media attention, accompany the protests with own media
  • legal support/anti-repression/anti-trauma
  • organize decentralised actions, let’s have global action times!
  • contribute to the local actions
  • think about actions especially to support the massive border crossing (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium)
  • organize transport for refugees in your region to take part in the march/action week/single actions
  • lend materials: busses/car trailers, big tents, kitchen equipment, sound systems, generator, media equipment, tools…
  • medical support & child care
  • produce mobilization material (movie, web propaganda, stickers, banners, poster, songs…)
  • spread flyers, posters, call; link our blogs (freedomnotfrontex.noblogs.org and asylstrikeberlin.wordpress.com)
  • we need a huge amount of money to finance 6 weeks of food for some hundred people! we also need money for tickets/public transport, gasoline, transport cars, renting/buying material,  mobilization, anti-repression: please support us by donating, applying at foundations, organising soli parties etc!!!
  • take part in the Protest March! Starting around the 20th of May in Strasbourg
  • take part in the Action Week in Brussels 20th June – 27th June

For any questions or ideas, proposals or information you can reach us
via email: freedomnotfrontex@riseup.net or meet us almost every Sunday at
3 pm at Cafe Kotti in Berlin/Kreuzberg, just ask at the counter for us.

Thanks a lot and see you on the street!!!


Dec. 22, 2014, 1:16 p.m.

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