May 1, 2014, 12:12 p.m.

Police + Mud VS Eastern Caravan

On the way and around Pungesti we were stopped and registered by several police blocks. To underline the absurdity of this, this is a group of villages with around 3000 inhabitants and normally you wouldn't have such a police presence in the area.  Normally you wouldn't, but if a multi-national corporation with a yearly revenue three times  the Romanian GDP is involved, there might be some exceptions. The company in question is Chevron and their aim is to tap the shale gas reserves in the region using the method of  hydraulic fracking. As you'd expect, people resisted. During one such protest, the perimeter  of Chevron's private property was breached, which the Romanian government used as a pretext  to declare the area a "National security zone". This allowed them to station numerous police  units, who started harassing the local population that were against the shale gas extraction  taking place near their property.

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