May 1, 2014, 1:55 p.m.

Rethink, repurpose and reinvent the unseen: Discover the Transeuropa Village

We would like to invite you to the Transeuropa Village, a day of discovery and creativity taking place on Saturday 17th May at Hackney Pirates Ship of Adventures, a wierd and wonderful environment with an underwater cave. 

We'll be "bringing home" the civic creativity we've discovered and uncovered from our Transeuropa Caravans across Europe. 

From Alice using her own experience with mental distress to help others rebuild their confidence through making, to Amera discussing how she uses art to build her activism.

From a resident-led tour to expose corruption in their neighbourhood in Valencia to a community fighting to save its mountain from fracking in Rosia Montana. From a programme to incubate civic innovations to a new form of crowdfunding through soup.

You'll not only be able to discover these different stories and practices, but to connect these with your own insights, experiences and methods. Whether you're developing a civic initiative and want help to build it, have an idea you'd like to work on with others, or are just curious about the projects and the people behind them, we'll work together to imagine, enact and demand new ways of living.

Because we want to connect your ideas, your practices, your projects to those we've discovered on the road. You are the other Europe, not the Europe of the prescriptive definitions about what unites us, not the Europe of the zero-sum debates conducted by parties for electoral gain. 

The other Europe are the people who want to understand what it means to try and save their local environment from being destroyed, what it means to rebuild their dignity with others while doing the things they love, what it means to give a new lease of life to the spaces and people in your neighbourhood.

The other Europe are the people who want to connect with each other because they want to discover what's unique, what's different, what's unseen about their civic cultures that aren't shown in tourist brochures or Eurovision song contests.

The other Europe are the people that are working together to imagine a new future, they are the people who are campaigning to break through the barriers holding society back, they are the people who are putting the building blocks for the

We called this day the Transeuropa Village because, like any village, you have the village square, the place where everyone meets, you have the nooks and crannies where you can go off the beaten track to get under the skin of the neighourhood, you have the graffiti which surfaces the tensions & demands from below the surface, and you have the "under construction" signs where you can see the future being built.

But we're not inviting you as tourists, we're inviting you to "hitch hike" through the initiatives, to "sketch out" the issues that keep you up at night and to "hack" the future with the prototypes you develop on the day.

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