May 4, 2014, 12:58 a.m.


Unfortunately we had to leave Romania. I wish we could have spent more time around this  wonderful country and it's people, but we had a new adventure ahead of us - Bulgaria. To  anyone who has crossed the Danube between Giurgiu and Rousse, it would be of no surprise,  that we had to offer a small bribe to some officials there. 

Apart from that it was a smooth and picturesque ride to Gabrovo. We met our host Sylvia in a restaurant and while tasting the traditional Bulgarian salads and barbecued meat, she  explained how the project "Bread House" came to be. It was created by Nadezhda Savova, who  is a cultural anthropologist and a keen traveler, as a place where people would get  together, make bread themselves, participate in discussions and reenact their ideas with  self-made bread figurines. 

The fact that bread is made there is more than just an interesting whim. During her travels  around the world, Nadezhda discovered that one of the few things that united different  people is bread. It is a symbol that everyone can relate to, a universal food that has left  a deep mark in human kind and is central to the creation of civilization. The symbolic power  of bread is used as a sort of a therapy and illustration for philosophical discussions of  the nature of life, living beings etc. 

We met Mihail, an artist, sculptor, to be precise, whose art is now bread. He makes it  following traditional recipes and creates a product of an utmost quality. His passion about  bread was infectious, he articulated the whole process of creating it from it's very few  basic ingredients. What was going on there was nothing short of art. His view on bread was,  that by making it, we dissolve the boundries between what is living and what is not. We take  ingredients that many wouldn't consider as living and transform them into food, which  provides life and energy, that humans keep on transferring in the world that surrounds the,. This creates a circle of life so to say, where nothing is lost and a constant flow occurs. 

While preparing the dough with the others, Silvya urged the audience to discuss what kind of  metaphors they find in the ingredients. This evolved into a true philosophical discussion on  the nature of life itself. With the dough was ready, she covered the round table in flour,  which was the set for the so called Theater of Crumbs. One person would start with a story  and everyone else would take part in completing in. Afterwards their stories would be baked  into bread and the people would act using their figurines. 

You can't exactly pinpoint what the secret of all this was, what was this one thing that  left everyone so inspired and excited. Was it the friendly atmosphere, the positive vibes,  the great people involved, or a combination of all that? What matters is that we all left  this place smiling, excited and feeling a sense of unity.


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