May 4, 2014, 1:09 a.m.
Roșia Montană

Rosia Montana

The region of Rosia Montana has the largest undeveloped gold deposit in Europe. Since Roman times, people have exploited its gold, however recently, a company called Gabriel Resources has emerged with a project to build an open pit next to Rosia Montana and extract the resources using a dangerous and controversial technique called cyanide mining. This would ultimately pollute the whole vicinity and locals would have no other option than to relocate somewhere else, which is exactly what Gabriel Resources wants to achieve. This company shadows over every aspect of life in Rosia Montana and just hearing the stories about it, you get the feel of a classic anti-utopic novel. When entering the village, you are immediately greeted by a sign that blatantly states "Rosia Montana exists thanks to its minerals". The next one says, "The mining company has invested 17 million in the village so far", followed by "We plan to invest another 70 million" and this goes on, they've put up signs on almost every house. It doesn't stop there though, their methods include bribe, intimidation, blackmail etc. The people, on the other hand, demand the most basic of things - to be left to live on their own property and work their own land.

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