May 4, 2014, 11:10 a.m.
Topic: Roma rights | Organisation: Dr. Ambedkar High School

A bit of wisdom from a 6-year-old Roma kid

A bit of wisdom from a 6-year-old Roma kid in the Hungarian village of Sajokaza, who proudly showed off his (foreign language) reading skills at a local school.


Dr. Ámbédkar Iskola is part of Amnesty International's Human Rights Friendly Schools Project. Most of its graduates, mainly Roma, strive for higher education in the country's colleges and universities. Some of the pupils had arrived to the school at the age of 15 - without being able to read and write - and have graduated in under 5 years.

Roma people face severe discrimination in Central Europe and other parts of the world. Often from a young age – thousands of Romani children remain trapped in substandard education or face blunt segregation in special schools for children with “mild mental disabilities”.

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