May 5, 2014, 4:19 p.m.

"I still believe", meeting with Ewa Holuszko

The most glaring picture showing the complexity of situation of LGBT people is the rainbow phenomenom. Started as an artistic project, it was placed in front of the European Parliament in Brussels for the time of the Polish presidency in UE. This simple idea was created to evoke positive and universal feelings, such as love, peace and hope. After moving the rainbow to Zbawiciela square in Warsaw it became a matter of citizen's dispute. This colourful installation brought up references about LGBT community and thus it was consequently vandalised. Last time it happened on the 11th of November 2013 (Independence Day in Poland).
Recently it was once again reconstructed, however now the rainbow is under constant supervision of the cameras and police patrols. Sadly it lost the original sense of freedom and artistic expression.

Lublin was the last stop of the North-Eastern route. We participated in the screening of a movie "I still believed" organised by Queerowe Ambulatorium. The documentary told the story of Ewa Hołuszko, who was born as Marek Hołuszko. He was one of the leaders of Solidarność (Solidairty) movement in 1980's. He was also very active in academic field. After undergoing the gender reassignment surgery, with gaining a new identity, Ewa Hołuszko lost her job and apartment. She became socially excluded.
Now rejected by part of her family, she lives in a poor living conditions. Because of many breaks-in to her home, she needs to have her place monitored. She's struggling, because a lot of people she had known before treat her cautiously.

However as an active member of Orthodox Church, she feels supported by that community. Her faith was always very important to her. She admits that comparing to the past, nowadays the religion closed itself from its members. Ewa Hołuszko wishes that the Church should once again open to the community.
After all she went through, she finally found a job that ensure her basics economical needs. She also decided to start in the elections to European Parliament. As one of a few candidates she runs her direct campaign and talks to people in her electoral district. She's very determined, even though she's aware that she won't win.

She wishes that Poland would be reinforced in terms of economy and social tolerance. She hopes that it will become a good environment for young people to develop their career. She still believes...


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