May 21, 2014, 4:28 p.m.

Stop #1: Làbas Bologna

After an unforeseen event that slightly shacked our agenda up (thanks to jumping trees and foremost thanks to my rather limited driving skills abilities) we head up to Bologna where we started our journey with a stop in "Làbas" an initiative that started at the end of 2012. The main purpose of Làbas is to occupy a place in order to give it back to the city and its citizens. This former "caserma" (barracks) has been transformed into a place of activism where political and cultural events are taking place; it is also an interesting platform that links individuals, associations, groups and collectives in Bologna and thus creates a growing bottom up movement in the city. I really enjoyed visiting this place because I found it really lively and foremost full of hope.

The people I met in Làbas offered constructive criticisms of the world we are currently living in, they are working hard, debating and exchanging views in order to find altogether ideas and therefore propose different alternatives for a more sustainable and brighter future. Likewise it was also fascinating to see that people from very different backgrounds gathered in Làbas and interacted, we bump into a kit surf instructor discussing with an executive in the private sector about the increasing precarity of the youth in southern Europe. In case you are around Bologna and are interested in Làbas' work the next event they organise is a debate on the reconstruction of the internet that will take place on the 22nd of May ( more info here)

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