May 24, 2014, 3:06 p.m.

Small groups making big changes


Day 8 was going to be another long one! In the morning we went to meet AMURADI (Associacion Mujeres Gitanas Universitarias De Andalucia), the Association of Academic Gitana Women in Andalusia, whose members are professional academics aiming to change the image of the gitanos through a strategy of inclusion. AMURADI is member of FAKALI, the federal gitana women association of Andalusia. It was established in 2001 in order to generate an impact on civil society as well as amongst gitanos.

Gitanos are often stereotyped in their every day life. These prejudices were reinforced by a reality documentary run on CUATRO TV, called 'Palabra de Gitano', where gitanos were portrayed as poor, uneducated criminals. In response, FAKALI undertook a large media campaign to fight prejudices and demanding dignity.

AMURADI emphasised the importance of increasing the self-esteem with young people. One of the projects run in order to change the image of the gitanos is an education campaign. This includes working with families and with minorities and also incorporates the topic of health. Another initiative was the university caravan travelling through Andalusia. The idea was to create more links and understanding between the gitana culture and the Andalusian people and universities.

AMURAI has also undertaken research at EU-level in the fields of medical services. Findings underline the importance of informing medics and doctors about the legal and social situation of gitanos, in order to get better treatment. At the end of our meeting, Tamara told us a few words about her demands towards the rights of gitanas in Europe. Her biggest worry is the medical treatment gitanas get – or do not get. Gitanas tell stories about doctors denying them treatment, and of gitana women in Slovakia giving birth and being sterilized afterwards without them knowing and without their permission. This is a violent invasion into basic human rights hard to comprehend in 21st century Europe. Children are marginalised in school and the image of gitanos being unemployable is promoted. This is why AMURAI and FAKALI are trying to further develop their European platform to exchange research and knowledge to change the image of gitanas and gitanos across Europe – and to fight for their dignity.


After the meeting we left Sevilla to drive to Portugal. Faro was our first stop, where we met with Raquel. Together with Andre, she had helped us organise our Faro stopover. The first thing on the list was a visit to RUA FM, the university radio station for the Algarve, with Leila, Ana and Raquel. This was my first appearance at a radio station so the live broadcasting was a little scary (re-listen here). We talked about European Alternatives and the origins of the citizenspact, and the task we thought the Transeuropa caravans were fulfilling. Our last message was to the European citizens: when you cast your ballot this week, please think of your European companions who may not be able to vote, think about the minorities and unheard issues that need your solidarity before you vote.


In the evening Andre and his wife invited us for a delicious vegetarian (!) dinner to their place. This was greatly appreciated! With recharged batteries we all went on to our final stop for the day, the Sociedade Recreativa Artistica Farense – OS Artistas in Faro. Raquel and Andre had invited local groups to join our discussion about the citizenspact and to tell us about the struggles they are facing and the activities they are organising. Faro, although a small town, has an active citizenry engaged in issues ranging from food, youth, urban gardening, waste, sustainability, participatory budgeting, women, arts and theatre to respect and inclusion. Glocal Faro, for example, form part of the national association Glocal, between the local and global, discussing and working on making their lives more sustainable. Re-food, also part of a national network, is similar to Foodcycle in the UK and aims to reduce food waste, end urban hunger and build local communities. There is a lot of poverty in Portugal, families with two children living on less than €500 a month. Children go to school with empty stomachs begging their teachers for a meal. People have no jobs.

Within this desperate situation many people in Faro have come together to set-up initiatives that find alternative ways of living based on community spirit. If you go to Faro, you should get in touch, or just pass by OS Artistas!


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