April 14, 2014, 2:16 p.m.

On playing the central role

As the name implies, THIS Caravan is absolutely central to the project and will not cease to point this out in the course of the coming weeks (watch out other caravans!). So what’s in store for you, dear reader?

1.     A good deal of feeling lost in translation: We will publish posts in any majority, minority and something-in-between-language that we will bring with us or encounter on our way, such as - but not limited to - English, German (with Lusatian slang and Austrian varieties), Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romani, Cartoonese, Motion Picturian, binary code, Wookiee Speak and sign language. No Newspeak though.

2.    Lots and lots of stories of and about amazing people that are working hard to bring about change: Be it in the field of social inclusion, minority rights or media freedom – Europe is packed with people, who work hard to make their region a better place. Check out our route points to see with whom we are going to meet where, when, why and what exactly is will happen next.

3.    Hopefully some traffic on the kind of bridges that are not frequented too often: Like the bridge over the EU’s democracy gap. And all these bridges between European grassroots initiatives. And the bridges between them and the European audience (which would be you, dear reader), of which we are not even sure it exists. Caravans seem to be a good tool to do this.

4.    A manifesto and probably quelques manifestations: Last weekend I went to a conference where people kept asking about “a vision for the EU”. My friend next to me whispered: “What’s that question? Don’t they realise they’re all on the streets demanding the exact same thing?” Some of these “exact same things” have already been collected in our Citizens Manifesto and something tells me we will find some more. And many people who have great ideas on how to put them into action. 

5.    Lots of banter from the caravan staff: Not sure what exactly will happen here, but (also for the sake of closing the circle of this little list) I assume that the Hungaro-German population of Caravanistan will try to convince Jaromir of the necessity of introducing the absolutely crucial letter “ö” into the Slovak language.

So long. We can hardly wait! 

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