April 17, 2014, 10:51 p.m.

Know how in the Social Diversity

This short interview is the introduction to the FSD activities. We're planning to continue it during NE Caravan travel.

1. What is the profile of your organisation?

The Foundation for Social Diversity (FSD) is an independent, non-government organization based in Warsaw, Poland committed to developing an open and inclusive society in Poland. The FSD supports cross-cultural dialogue, develops knowledge resources and practical tools that facilitate social integration, works to empower migrants and other minorities, as well as engages in activities aiming to raise awareness about discrimination in Poland and to strengthen equality standards.

We run educational programs, offer direct psychosocial support to migrants and run studies on issues related to ex. equal access to education or media impact on the discourse related to migration and migrants in Poland.

(More information on the website)

2. Are there links between local and European struggles?

Given the recent documented rise in rightist and extremist groups and attitudes throughout Europe, our work is closely related to that of other organizations and institutions aiming to promote equality, counteract discrimination and educate about social diversity, broadly understood. For this reason, we are also a member of the pan-European network, the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM) as well as of local coalitions and networks within Poland.

3. What do you think can other initiatives or organisations learn from the successes of FSD?

We are eager to share our experiences and to learn from the experiences of other organizations working in our field. We have practical know-how that we can share about institutional sustainability, including internal management structure and fund-raising strategies that are the basis for running long-term programs, which are crucial when an organization is working on equality and antidiscrimination issues. We are also keen to share our knowledge of the local context in Poland regarding migration and integration, both on the level of government policies and on the level of practical interventions.

4. What is it that FSD could learn from other initiatives or citizen platforms?

We are keen to exchange information about practices and strategies for specific interventions in anti-discrimination and equality work. The specificities of local contexts always give a valuable perspective that allows us to evaluate the situation in Poland more objectively. We are also happy to learn about fundraising strategies and institutional management that ensures long-term sustainability.

5. What can be offered to you by NE Caravan?

We’re excited to be able to meet activities and practitioners from all over Europe and to share information about our work. We’re looking forward to meeting in Warsaw soon!



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