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Six Caravans On The Road

For Another Europe

Before EU Elections



From April 25th to May 5th six caravans will travel Europe to meet and connect with groups involved in struggles for democracy and equality at the local level and in Europe.

The Iberian Caravan will travel from the Barcelona to Lisbon.

Meet us on the way, take part in our activities or get in touch!


From April 25th to May 5th, six Transeuropa Caravans will leave Berlin, Birmingham, Cluj-Napoca, Barcelona, Prague and Rome to travel through more than 60 local alternatives. The transnational caravans’ teams will engage with people involved on the ground in political struggles or initiatives for democracy, solidarity and equality on topics ranging from minorities’ rights to the environment, the fight for common goods and the resistance to the power of financial markets, digital rights and privacy.

This journey is a way of connecting these initiatives and amplifying their voices. Each Caravan’s team will consist of a spokesperson, communication and logistics officers, a video-maker and an illustrator or cartoonist. All encounters will be documented and shared via our digital tools.

You can meet the Iberian caravan here.


The Iberian Caravan


The Iberian Caravan [Twitter: @TEC_Iberian] will depart from Barcelona on April 25th, where we will hear about the struggles against evictions. We then move on to Valencia where we’ll join the ruta del despilfarro, a guided tour exposing corruption in the city. We’ll have a big alternative election party, full of art, designed by and for the citizens highlighting their visions on Europe and their demands towards the EU. The day after we visit Carricola, a small village of around 100 inhabitants, who have dedicated themselves to sustainable living. Next we're going to talk to workers at the Coca Cola factory in Alicante, who are, as many of their colleagues across Spain, facing the loss of their jobs over global market competition. In Lorca we will visit the solar plantation La Jeresa, member of the national association of photovoltaic energy producers ANPIER in Spain who are fighting against the changes in renewable energy laws that have thrown many families into struggles for existence. In Malaga, you'll find us in public spaces, asking questions about your views on Europe and the struggles you wish to share. In Campillos we will have a discussion about the citizenspact over a shared meal with the villagers. Next stop is Córdoba, where we will be admiring the beautiful Mezquita-Catedral, where the Plataforma Mezquita-Catedral and UNESCO Andalucía will tell us more about the struggle for the historic Mosque-Cathedral to remain a common place of worship. On the first of May we will join the Labour Day demonstrations and then visit Amuradi, the association of mujeres gitanas at the Andalusian universities in Sevilla. In Faro, we will meet with several local activists to watch and discuss the EuroAlter film “Eros”, which documents the trip of three activist artists through a Europe of crisis and resistance. We will have conversations with Lisbon activists of the Congresso Democrático das Alternativas on democratic alternatives to existing politics as well as meet people from the Academia Cidadã who will introduce us to their alternative concepts of citizen education. Last but not least, we will visit Terras da Costa, near Costa da Caparica, where the local migrant inhabitants are building a communal kitchen and facilities with the help of the architects Projecto Warehouse and ateliermob and with the support of Urban Boundaries, the Municipality of Almada and many helping hands.


Project Background


European Alternatives has worked during three years facilitating dialogue and contact between diverse groups of people living in Europe. Their concerns and proposals have been gathered in the Citizens Manifesto presented to Members of the European Parliament in December 2013. Our aim with this tour is to deepen the interaction with the Citizens Manifesto, discussing and finding concrete ways of putting its policy proposals into action, and to bridge the gap between citizens and EU elected representatives, as well as to connect alternatives to one another. You can read the Manifesto online.


About European Alternatives


European Alternatives is a transnational membership organisation promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state. We organise a number of activities, campaigns, and projects, including public events, the annual Transeuropa Festival, research, youth projects, campaigns and publications at various geographical levels.



Transeuropa Caravans / Iberian Caravan
Vanessa Buth – communication officer

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