April 26, 2014, 12:45 a.m.

First sights

Alright, finally we can share some hands on experience even before the official start of our  journey. Following a few short flights and a train journey our whole crew got together in  the central parts of rainy Cluj. Along with our friendly hosts Andra and Andrei, we pushed  through a few neighbourhoods and reached quite an interesting place which is called Fabrica de Pensule. It is situated in an old abandoned communist era factory and is now turned  into a meeting place for all kinds of creative people. The manager Corina, explained the  long and difficult process of how it came to be. The story is an excellent example of how  things can be done with little to no support from officials. Basically, a group of like-minded people gathered and decided they wanted to invest their own time, money and enthusiasm to facilitate the change they want to see in their society.
Without any additional help from institutions and using mostly their own funds, they  refurbished one of the buildings of the factory facility. Behind it's thick metal doors, you  can find a range of exhibitions, plays, artist workshop, even a rooftop communal garden. We  were given an amazing demonstration of the type of art you can encounter there. For as  little as 3 euros, we enjoyed a baffling avant-garde play by local actors. The spectators'  senses were bombarded by an array of sounds and images, that leave you a bit confused and  your open up your perception to the more serious issues tackled towards the end of the play. It focuses on the more metaphysical aspects of gender and homosexuality in society. You can visit Fabrica de Pensule's site here: http://www.<wbr/>fabricadepensule.ro/

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