April 27, 2014, 9:20 a.m.


Today (April 26th) the German extreme-right party NPD had announced to march in the centre of Berlin.

This is unusual, especially the fact that the police had granted them access to march through parts of Kreuzberg, the area of the alternative Berlin, where many migrants moved long time ago or more recently. For example the refugee camp at Oranienplatz had been set up in Kreuzberg until recently (see reports here). That Nazis were allowed to have their marching route through this district infuriated large numbers of people. The reaction was clear today: "no pasaran!" as they would say in Spain or "Keinen Fußbreit für Nazis" as we say in Germany, some 6000s people gave a clear sign against fascism and those sad nazis that had travelled by train to Berlin but could hardly leave the train station to shout their ugly slogans as they were met with even stronger shouts of " Nazis raus". For more reporting this site gathers all news or on twitter #berlinnazifrei

It impressed me how strong and joyful the support was in Kreuzberg against this group of fascists who thought could stir something up in Berlin. At the same time this should not cloud the signs we can see all over Europe of rising fascist and right wing tendencies that ought to worry us, not only when thinking of the outcome of the next European Parliament Elections. Lets get mobilised to stop this trend and not end up with a new European Parliament where a quarter of the seats (and the ressources) are taken by anti-European, pro-nationalist right wingers.





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