April 27, 2014, 1:32 p.m.

"A beautiful place for all the people"


On our second day we woke up in Valencia, ready for the big day of our alternative election party. Deborah from European Alternatives Valencia had done a great job in organising the event and a group of incredibly creative people, l'Ambaixada, had prepared something amazing: They had built a caravan made from cardboard! Down to the details it is a stunning beauty featuring images and information on the citizenspact, European Alternatives, the Media Initiative. Now we will send it on a trip to join the election party Rome!


The event started with Muixeranga, who impressed with their human pyramid performances. They would balance four to five people high whilst moving to the rhythms of a band playing traditional instruments of the Valencia-Catalunya region. It was amazing to see children and adults of all ages taking part in these daring acrobatics.


After the performance, Anna gave an introduction to who we are, what European Alternatives has been doing, and how we are planning to take the citizenspact forward. We invited everyone to take part and let us hear their voices for the “Words of the citizens caravan”. And as always, it was the children who were the first to draw their demands and wishes for the European Union. A little boy wrote “I would like Europe to be a beautiful place for all the people”.


Edgar then filmed a statement by Josef, one of the Muixeranga performers, who stressed the importance of valuing the diversity of their cultural heritage within Europe.


Speaking to the Valencian candidate of the Primavera Europea coalition for the European Parliament, Jordi Sebastia, he emphasized the need for a basic income and the introduction of the Tobin tax in Europe, both issues mentioned in the manifesto. Financial reforms putting an end to the speculation with public money has indeed been a recurring subject of importance to many citizens we met. Moreover, Jordi is familiar with the living situation of the gitanos in Valencia and the connection of this topic across Europe, though a great challenge, is one he believes we should devote more time to.


Aduracion Guaman, Valencian candidate for Izquierda Unida for the European Parliament, talked to us about the need for reforms of existing laws in the area of work, welfare, and social justice, some of which are resembled in our manifesto. She however sees it as a challenge to achieve changes in favour of these policies with Europe following a politics of economy as result of the economic crisis.


As I am writing, we are preparing our next steps: We will stay in Carricola, a small village that has dedicated itself to a sustainable living – we can't wait!


April 27, 2014, 2:14 p.m.

Sounds great! a shame I am missing the next stop in Alicante. I hope you are having a great experience there too. Thanks for this iniciative!

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